Inspirational Self Healing Confessionals

Words of healing from your spirit to your physical body

Confession 1 { Aug 2019 }

It's a good morning. It's a great morning. It's a phenomenal morning. I give 

my best smile today I have ever given in my life. Now is the time for the best 

smile ever. 

Faith is now. Now is the time for faith. Now is the time for miracles. Now is 

the time to love myself. Now is the time to love God with everything I have.
What a life I have in Christ. Christ is in me, the hope of Glory. Greater is He

that is in me than he that is in the world. I have power in Christ. I walk in 

that power. I live in that power! I move in that power! I stir up that power by 

praying in the Holy Ghost at all times! Nothing catches me by surprise. I am 

alert at all times. 

I don't read the news. In the wonderful name of Jesus; I cast out devils, I 

speak with new tongues, if I drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm me, I 

lay hands on the sick and they recover. I lay hands on myself. No virus has 

the ability to take me out. When I come on the scene as a believer they notice 


I am born again. I have received God. I am born of God. I am born of the 

word, born of the Spirit of God. What a life I have in Christ Jesus. All creation

is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God, the healed of God. I am
the matured and healed of God. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Specially crafted by God himself. Created in His image and His likeness. I was 

formed and fashioned by God. God created me to love Him, talk with Him 

and walk with Him every day.