Inspirational Self Healing Confessionals

Words of healing from your spirit to your physical body

Confession 4 { October 2019 }

As God is, so am I in this world. God is His Word and God is His Spirit, so I am 

born of His Word and His Spirit. I walk in the life that God has given unto me.
God is eternal life and has placed eternity in my heart, so I walk in eternal 

life. I walk in victory. I walk in strength. I walk in healing anointing. I live in 

divine health. I live in His love. I live in His grace. I live in His compassion. I 

love like no other. 

I am not fashioned after this world and the things of this world. I am being 

transformed and transfigured by the renewing of my mind to the word of 

God. I am being transformed into His likeness. I am being transformed into 

the Word of God and what it says about me. It says that I am more than a 

conqueror. I am holy and righteous. I am pure and cleansed. 

I do not live in jealousy, strife or confusion. Where I am, there is no strife or 

confusion. I am not allowed to hate myself. I am not allowed to condemn 

myself. I am not allowed to say that I am guilty. I am not guilty. I have been 

justified and declared not guilty. I am white as snow. I do not fear being 

alone or not being loved. God is with me and He said He will never leave me, 

Nor forsake me. God loves me and I love myself. I have a merry heart and it 

does me good like medicine. 

I am accepted in the beloved. When God looks at me, he sees one of His kind. 

Thank you Jesus that my heart and spirit is healed. Thank you Jesus that 

every broken relationship in my past is restored. Thank you God for loving 

me out of pain. Loving me out of sickness. Loving me out of fear. Loving me 

out of rejection and condemnation. Loving me out of any form of hatred. I 

. have a calm heart and a peaceful mind.